Jayood Studio


At Jayood Studio, music is recorded with A-class gear, Ams-Neve Genesys Black recording console, proudly handmade in England. Similar console can be found at Snoop Dogg and Martin Garrix studios.

Jayood Studio is a smart hybrid studio with modern production workflow and best vintage analog sound quality like Manley, Avalon, Neve, Moog, Hammond, Gibson, Dave Smith, Roland, Korg… those gears have been used in chart topping hits from 70's to these days. Our supercharged Mac Pro makes it possible to make big recording sessions with the most powerful plugins.

Our main producer Jarno Lehtonen produces music with artist from all around the world. He has made remixes for artists like Samantha Fox (millions sold albums), U96 (millions sold albums), Chyp-notic (Coconut Music), Ost+Front (Germany based famous rock band), Fancy (millions sold albums, music E.G. with Michael Jackson), Nick Cold (New artist in 3H-Records (Record company owned by famous singer from 90's hit band E-rotic, Lyane Leigh Hegemann)), Patrick Nowack (Germany Got Talent competitor), Roni Leppä (Idols Finland competitor) and many others who have made long careers in music business. 

We work with professional musicians all around the world, so every style of music is possible with the best professional quality, like chart topping remixes for your upcoming releases, or music for your company's upcoming game, movie or commercial ad! 

Please do not hesitate to contact:

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Artist - Song Version Label Additional info
Samantha Fox - Hot Boy (Jenkki Remix) Fox2000 (Videomannen Movie)
Chyp-Notic - Nothing Compares 2 U (Jenkki Remix) Coconut Music (Germany Dance Charts)
U96 - Planet Earth (Jenkki Remix) Unltd Records (Remix contest winner)
U96 & Wolfgang Flur - Zukunftsmusik (Jenkki Remix) Unltd Records (Flur ex. Kraftwerk)
Fancy & Jenkki - Flames Of Love (Re-recorded vocals with Jenkki) Pokorny Music Solutions (Fancy's 90's hit song)
Fancy & Jenkki - Slice Me Nice (Re-recorded vocals with Jenkki) Pokorny Music Solutions (Fancy's 90's hit song)
Ost+Front - Sternenkinder (Jenkki Remix) Out of Line Music
Nick Cold - What Would You Do (Jenkki Remix) 3H-Records
Jenkki - Goodbye (Orig. by Savage) Pokorny Music Solutions (DJTOP100 Germany Chart)
Patrick Nowak - Die Zeit Heilt Keine Wunden (Jenkki Remix) (Germany Got Talent Competitor)
Roni Leppä - Heaven In Your Eyes (Jenkki Remix) (Idols Finland Competitor)
Split Mirrors - Voices (Jenkki Remix) Pokorny Music Solutions
Split Mirrors - Right Time (Jenkki Remix) Pokorny Music Solutions

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